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This is a really fine piece of writing and while it was thought-provoking it was also very entertaining.  The descriptive language was used with an economy of words–making each word do its job….  So I hope you will consider this book and find it stimulating to the brain as well as a very entertaining read.  I’m so glad I found it. – Book Binge

It takes a talented writer to build the characters sufficiently to make this work, and new fiction author Anne Browning Walker does it well. The setting of Boston is well-drawn (it’s my favorite city, so I’m super picky) and the characters, including secondary ones, are fleshed out while experiencing real conflict. This is a very impressive debut book! – Tori MacAllister
4.5 out of 5 stars!!! Showing off a little more than you, want to might end up helping out in the long run. Join Trip and Bambi as they discover how a misconception of who you are can really change your life…sometimes all for the better! – From Me to You…Video, Photography & Book Reviews
I like how the author develops the story and throws in some twists and turns that you don’t really expect. The book is fresh and fun and an easy read for a nice evening or weekend. Great for curling up with and getting your romance fix! - Two Classy Chics
I thought this book was funny, and totally fell in love with Bambi’s character. On more than one occasion, I found myself thinking “serves him (Trip) right!” lol This was a fun, fast read, and a great one to pack along on vacation and waste some time reading by the pool or on the plane.  - Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife
Bambi especially is just brilliant, she is exactly the type of person I would want to know personally, the kind of woman I can see myself wanting to befriend.  - Caveat Lector
If you like chick-lit, feminist women, hot men and some funny misunderstanding you should give The Booby Trap a try. – Fighting Dreamer
If you’re looking for a fun, short summer beach read, this one is a great start! – Lonely Owl Books
The fact that The Booby Trap was centered on a feminist took me by surprise, and was a very inventive and creative direction for this novel. – Book Whisperer
For those readers who enjoy a straight romance with a happily ever after, this is your story! – My Secret Romance
The Booby Trap is a cute little romance about making assumptions. – Book Trib
It was fun to follow [Trip and Bambi] as they navigate the pitfalls of negotiating a relationship built upon assumptions. – Smitten with Reading
Goodreads Reviews of The Booby Trap

Goodreads reviews for The Booby Trap