What are your #lovesecrets?  Reviewers check out The Booby Trap and share something they discovered about their partners!

Reading this got me thinking about all the things you may not know about your partner. Trip and Bambi thought they knew the other, but they ended up being completely wrong in their thinking. There are things I thought I knew about my husband, then you discover in the oddest ways that you were wrong. Like the fact that he has nice, straight front teeth. Yeah, they aren’t his real teeth.  - Ramblings of a Marine Wife

But what I have discovered that I love the very most is that he has a wicked sense of adventure.  Even when his common sense is saying “no way”, his desire is nodding it’s head and telling me “why not”.   It is that part of him that keeps our love life alive.  The let’s try it and see.  And it is that sense of adventure that will take the less traveled path to see where we wind up at.  - A Crazed Mind

The Booby Trap is a fast and fun read but it’s also surprisingly thought-provoking. It made me realize, once again, the dangers of jumping to conclusions, and showed me that I shouldn’t assume I know everything about someone – even my own husband. This was made clear to me a few weeks ago when Michael and I were in Ireland, talking to a couple we had met on our trip who we knew would become lifelong friends. As Joan and I paused in our conversation for a minute, I heard Michael say to Bob, “Yeah, I worked with Christy Turlington before she really became famous.” What??? - Style Substance Soul

This was a fun, fast read, and a great one to pack along on vacation and waste some time reading by the pool or on the plane. The story also leads me to think about some of the things I’ve since discovered about my now-DH that he’d kept hidden over the years – oh, like his near hoarding problem. lol Or a certain trip to Mexico a few years before we got married that I was not aware had happened until one of his friends let the cat out of the bag with a “remember when you did this” Facebook comment. – Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

I was given the chance to read the book “The Booby Trap” by Anne Browning Walker; it’s a light, easy read… It actually only took me 2 days to read it, as I got into the story immediately.  My son recently turned 5, and received a spiderman toy that crawls along the walls/ceilings – and my hubby has just as much fun as my son. – Tales of Mommyhood

The characters are likeable, although Trip is a playboy and Bambi a smart, independent, feminist; they work well together!   Prepare to enjoy this book, it is a fun read that teaches us not to make snap judgements!  As part of this review we were asked to  divulge Something  We Discovered About our Partner, inspired by the book.  I honestly think we learn something new about each other all the time.  Just this week before we were to leave for my conference, we were in an accident with my new car.  Never in that situation, it was nice to see how hubby took control of situation, insurance, getting me a rental car, etc.  all so I could still make it to NYC for my conference. – One Momma Saving Money: The Booby Trap, by Anne Walker #lovesecrets #TheBoobyTrap

I had plenty of secrets and it was hard to let them all be known. One secret that had to come out, and quickly, was that my best friend was a guy and I had lived with him for many years. My hubby to be (at the time) was so jealous! It was terrible. It finally came to a head one day when I told my hubby not to make me choose one or the other. He would have to trust me and believe in me. It is a hard lesson to learn for a lot of people. – Two Classy Chics

Seriously, I loved it and will be looking on Amazon for some more Anne Browning Walker books! I am supposed to be sharing a secret that I learned about my husband in response to the book… unfortunately, I just can’t do that!  We are pretty private people.  Oh, one thing I didn’t know that I just learned yesterday:  he likes bright colors!  BRIGHT.. no clue. LOL! – 3 Boys and a Dog

There was one thing that was a little odd, though, and I’ve never been able to figure out the rationale behind it. When I met this stranger in the park, we exchanged basic biographical information. I told him that my name was Kirsten, I was originally from South Africa, and I was 31 years old. He told me that his name was Gerard, he was a first-generation Canadian of Irish descent, and he was 38 years old. He lied about his age. At the time we met, he was actually about to turn 42. – Running for Autism