The Booby Trap


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Welcome to The Booby Trap, a seedy bar where waitresses’ skirts are high, necklines are low, and customers show up for the eye candy.

When brainy, beautiful, Harvard Ph.D. candidate Bambi Benson wants to study the women of the Booby Trap for her dissertation, she goes undercover and joins them.  All is going well for Bambi until handsome local celebrity Trip Whitley enters the scene.

Hoping to shock his high-society family by dating a bimbo, Trip offers to pay Bambi to pretend to be his girlfriend.  She accepts his offer and bides her time, waiting for the right moment to reveal her true identity and teach Trip not to judge based on appearances.

After a series of dates carefully orchestrated for their publicity value, Bambi’s trap is set.  But there’s one problem: the predator might have fallen in love with her prey.

The Booby Trap joined other great romances on a list of “Romance Novels for Beginners” on Thought Catalog: “[T]here are a few writers and a few books that rise above the rest and take us on brilliant love journeys without subjecting us to italicized thoughts, historical inaccuracies, weeping/ fainting heroines or burly/ rape-y heroes.”


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The Booby Trap