Love Will Come to You

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While I was listening to music this morning and writing my book, Michael Buble’s song “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” came on Pandora.  It reminded me of a couple of things.  First, of that time in my life when it … Continued

Exciting Weekend at Stuart Weitzman!

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For the past several weeks, I’ve been holed up in Montana with my husband, hard at work on my next novel.  I’ve been schlepping around in sweatpants and a sports bra, and doing my absolute best to stay on the … Continued

Princess Complex

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I have princesses on the brain.  It’s not my fault: they’re following me everywhere. First, I fell into Once Upon a Time, ABC’s show that links a modern village with fairy tales.  I missed it the first time around, when … Continued

Movin’ Right Along

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As some (or many) of you may know, I’m writing my second book.  It’s the story of an unexpected road trip shared by two former college flames. Part of the reason that I decided to write about road trips was … Continued

Wordless Wednesday: Glacier National Park

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My husband and I just took a trip into Glacier National Park.  It was amazing.

Book Signings Galore

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Last week, as you all know, was a busy week for me.  I visited bookstores at my Master’s alma mater of George Washington University and the Barnes & Noble in Washington’s Union Station.  They were awesome!   I was really amazed … Continued

All’s Well That Ends Well?

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Last night, I had the pleasure of attending The Shakespeare Theatre’s Free For All production of its namesake’s All’s Well That Ends Well.   I really enjoyed it and thought the acting was great.  Partway through, my writer’s brain started thinking … Continued

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