Romance & The Modern Woman

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After a holiday-induced hiatus, glad to say I’m back with a vengeance! Today, the first in a series of articles began running on Happy Ever After, USA Today’s romance blog.  They are all about Exploring Romance & The Modern Woman. … Continued

Christmas Countdown 2: Favorite Ornaments

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So the Christmas Countdown continues with some of my favorite ornaments from the tree.  Getting them out every year is so much fun, and I bet my ideas of which ones I like best change a little every year.  But … Continued

5 Best Christmas Movies

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In honor of my post on Publisher’s Weekly about the top 10 Christmas romance novels, I’m working on a couple other Christmas Bests lists!  Today, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite Christmas movies. 1. Love Actually From the opening montage (especially … Continued

One Step at a Time

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I returned home after Thanksgiving with family in Kentucky to a house that was a mess.  It wasn’t a surprise – we’d left a day earlier than planned and I had intended to use that extra day to clean.  For … Continued

Being the “Cool Girl”

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This weekend, I finished reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  I found parts of it absolutely fascinating, and during the second of the three parts of the book, I could barely put it down.  I did the reading and walking thing, … Continued

#SMSG12: Get into the Holiday Spirit!

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Today, I wanted to get into the giving spirit of the upcoming holiday.  My fellow publishing buddies, The Global Game Changers, is a children’s brand that teaches kids about philanthropy in a fun way (through a superhero alliance – cool!).  … Continued

Honoring Our Veterans

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Today, I am taking the opportunity to pay my respects to the veterans out there.  Despite the fact that Veterans’ Day was actually yesterday, here in Washington, DC, we’re still celebrating. Before I started writing romance novels, I took a … Continued

Homage to Election Day

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Today, more than any day of the year (and probably more than any day in four years), the United States of America will divide itself into camps.  Red state versus blue state.  Donkey versus Elephant.  Democrat versus Republican.  And don’t … Continued

Rainy Day Reads

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The rain is pouring down here in Washington DC and even though my building is a fortress and odds are we won’t lose power, nothing in the city is open today.  This means a rainy day spent at home and … Continued

Browsing through the Past

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Earlier this week, I visited my grandmother.  She is moving, and finally kicking all of my stuff out of her basement.  I sorted through dolls I used to collect, wondering, “If I have a daughter, will she want my American … Continued

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