5 Ideas for a Snowbound Valentine’s Day

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Are you a victim of the winter storm that’s crippled the eastern half of the United States?  Well, just because one sheriff decided to cancel Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you need to.  And it doesn’t mean you need to get out on icy, snowy roads and risk your life for some flowers.  Because (at least for me) a dead or injured Valentine is worse than no Valentine at all.  So settle in, curl up, and enjoy the day that you have together.  Make it special with these suggestions – or get creative and make up your own!

1. Bundle up, go outside, and build something together.

Take advantage of the snow and make something fun.  You could go classic, with snowmen and -women, or you could make snow angels.  Or you could get creative and sculpt something from a vacation you’ve taken together.  A friend of mine sculpted a Sphinx!  Make sure to take pictures, and once you get back inside, I’m sure you can think of some creative ways to warm yourselves up.

2. Empty your pantry and make a delicious meal.

You’re snowbound, so why not?  Thaw those veggies or that piece of meat that’s been sitting in your freezer and make something up with what you’ve got.  Dredge out an ice cream maker or fondue set and try it out.  It’s now or never!  Look online for some cookie recipes and bake some sweets.  You’re probably no going grocery shopping anytime soon, so make it an adventure!

3. Watch a romantic movie.

Today is a great to just sit back, relax, and put your arm around your favorite person.  Pull out a DVD from your library or find one on Netflix, Amazon, or another streaming service.  Maybe choose the first movie you saw together, and relive the sparks you had when you first met.  The benefit of a movie you watch at home is the pause button!

4. Take relaxation to the next level.

There’s probably not anything you can do today for work, so take advantage of it!  Share a bubble bath or a romantic shower.  Trade massages.  Laze away in bed and take an afternoon nap.  Do whatever it takes to help your partner melt away the stress.

5. Share a romance novel (or ideas from one).

Read aloud your favorite passages to your partner, or take an idea from one of your favorite novels. Make sure to have fun with it.  Who knows?  Maybe your fantasies will collide.

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