Stumped on Valentine’s Day?

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Are you stumped about what to get your Valentine this year?  Are you a procrastinator who waited to the last minute or a perfectionist who kept looking but just couldn’t find the right thing?  Well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have romance today.  Here are a few last-minute ideas that will make your Valentine feel special.

Valentines-Day1) Letter campaign

Pledge to spend the next year writing a letter or note every day or every week to your Valentine.  Love letters are a lost art, and a great way to express how you feel in an intimate way.  Make sure you sit down and put pen to paper.  As messy as your handwriting may be, it’s a piece of you that your loved one will cherish.  And who knows?  Your kids or grandkids may be reading those letters years from now and sighing over how romantic you were.

2) Story of our relationship

Did you start your relationship in the digital age?  If so, then search through your inbox and text messages for what got everything started and print them out for your loved one.  Design a cover.  If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even wander down to your local copy center and have them bind the book together!

3) Day for you

Can’t figure out what will make the man or woman of your dreams perfectly happy?  Then ask!  Design a day around what s/he loves to do.  Allow the person to choose all activities from the early morning to the late night.

4) Photo Album

It’s so easy to take pictures now that cell phones and cameras are one.  But do you find your pictures languishing on your phone or your computer?  Do you kind of sometimes forget they even exist?  I do!  Well, that stops right now.  Go down to your drugstore and print those babies up right away.  Buy a pretty album at a local store and put the pictures in.  If you’ve got time, add captions or favorite quotes so you and your Valentine can remember all the good times you’ve had together.  You can even leave a space open – fill it with a ticket to an event later in the year that you can attend together, where you can take more pictures to add to the album.

Hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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