#LoveSecrets Blog Tour Winner is…

During the month of August, you may have seen my book making the rounds of blogs for a blog tour.  We asked bloggers to read The Booby Trap and share a secret they had learned about their significant others.  It was so fun reading about all the little things each person never knew.  I gasped and laughed out loud!

Well, now it’s come time to crown the winner.  But first, one of my own #lovesecrets: my husband loves angry/empowering girl music.

I learned this secret last summer.  You see, I love making mixed tapes/cds, and I’ve been making them ever since we started our relationship.  One of our first big dates was to go see Duke play at Madison Square Gardens, and I made a mixed cd for the four-hour drive up to NYC.

Last summer, we planned to visit southern California for the ten days my husband had between jobs.  We were going to do a lot of driving to visit friends and family, and I asked him if he wanted a mixed cd.  He enthusiastically agreed and said he’d had a list of songs picked out already.  And he sent them to me without delay.

I began downloading on iTunes.  “Rain Is a Good Thing” by Luke Bryan.  “Welcome to the Future” by Brad Paisley.  “The Greatest” by Kenny Rogers.  Everything was expected.  Until I came across “Watch Me Shine” by Joanna Pacitti.

Now, I was familiar with the song.  It’s on the Legally Blonde soundtrack, but it wasn’t my favorite.  I listened to it again, then emailed him.  “Are you sure about this one?”  He was very sure.  And it turned out that “Watch Me Shine” was just the beginning, to be followed by Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Kellie Pickler’s “Best Days of Your Life.”

So yeah, my husband likes angry girl music.  Now it’s something we have in common!

Thanks to everyone who shared their #lovesecrets during the blog tour!  And without further ado, the winner of the gift certificate to Zappos is…

Style Substance Soul

Email me your info at annebwalker(at)gmail(dot)com or DM me on Twitter @AnneBWalker and I’ll get your prize off to you ASAP!

The rest of you, check out the fun post about #lovesecrets and Christy Turlington!


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