Book Signings Galore

Last week, as you all know, was a busy week for me.  I visited bookstores at my Master’s alma mater of George Washington University and the Barnes & Noble in Washington’s Union Station.  They were awesome!   I was really amazed and impressed by the people that worked there, and it was such fun to be out talking to people about my book.  You see, I’ve felt so loved by my friends and family that have purchased the book.  It’s really cool.  But somehow, it didn’t seem real till a stranger did it!

Me at GWU!

I met busy moms and hard-working young women.  I chatted with college students about how life doesn’t always end up the way you plan in college, but things work out.  I tried to explain some of the Washington sights to an international tourist (my first international sale to a stranger!). I spoke with aspiring authors out and tried to give them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I even sold a book to a man who said his wife needed an escape!  There’s real-life romance for you.

Thankfully, I had my publisher’s marketing and sales person by my side.  Kristy could brag where I couldn’t, and she’s one of those people whom it’s impossible not to talk to.  I thought we made a pretty good team!

As I write this, I’m on a plane to Montana.  I’m going to “retreat to the woods” to work on my next book.  So the book signings are done…for now.

Stay tuned for an announcement of my blog tour winner this Friday!

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