Introducing The Booby Trap

Art by Earl Moran


I don’t know how to explain how it happened…like some of my characters, I got distracted by a great pair of legs in a killer pair of heels.

You see, I took a break from World War II between drafts.  That manuscript was out being critiqued and there wasn’t anything I should do.  In hopes of improving my writing skills and spending some more time with some friends, I enrolled in an 8-week novel-writing course.  My first draft of the World War II novel had taken nearly a year to complete, so I had no delusions going in.  8 weeks?  More like 48 weeks, people.

Then, 12 weeks later, I completed the first draft of The Booby Trap, a contemporary romance novel about a waitress/PhD candidate who gets misjudged as a bimbo by a handsome local celebrity.  And maybe, I thought, it was even decent.

About nine months later, here we are.  I let it out of my hands today for printing.

So, now, for a short period of time, I bid a fond au revoir to my good men of traveling show unit #5.  We will meet again — of that I am sure.

Boys, Please Keep Me in Your Dreams.

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