Rainy Day Reads

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The rain is pouring down here in Washington DC and even though my building is a fortress and odds are we won’t lose power, nothing in the city is open today.  This means a rainy day spent at home and a great time to catch up on your reading!  So here are a few of my rainy-day picks.

A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch

This mystery takes place in jolly old England and features amateur sleuth Charles Lenox.  He tramps around London, constantly getting his feet wet despite his galoshes and requiring constant applications of tea, trying to solve the murder of a friend’s former servant.  Even if the bad weather didn’t figure into this book, while I read it I felt as thought it was grey and dreary out and that all I needed was a good book and a roaring fire.
The Best Laid Plans by Sarah Mayberry

In this book, two coworkers choose to have a baby together, the not-old-fashioned way.  Both lawyers, Alex fears that she will not find a mate in time for biological clock and Ethan wants children without the commitment of marriage.   Perfect solution, right?  Well, not exactly.  But one of the pivotal scenes in this book takes place during a rainstorm, underneath an umbrella.  So reading it during Frankenstorm should give the unattached hopes of new romantic opportunities (hopefully without as much drama as Alex and Ethan have to endure)!

Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos

Coffee shop owner Cornelia fantasizes about Cary Grant and movie magic moments.  Who can blame her?  But she is so busy looking for cinematic-style glory that one could argue she ignores the everyday.  Until Cary Grant’s doppelgänger walks into her shop.   But this book is as much or more about her love for another person who enters her shop the same day: 11-year-old Clare.  Clare has been forced to be the grown-up in her relationship with her mother and desperately searches for a father she’s never met.  This book made me feel all warm and cozy inside, which is just what you want on a cold and rainy day.



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